Hydra Lister V1 will Stop working at 31st of May

Important Information About Hydra Lister (A Must Read)

After nearly one year from our partnership dissolution with SKU Grid we are finally ready with Hydra Lister Ultimate. Until now, we were using SKU Grid’s scrapers for Hydra Lister but we then decided that we should move on and use our own tested system that has been tested by more than 700 active users in Viking Drop.

Now, let’s get into the good stuff ????
You can login or register to the new Hydra Lister Ultimate though this link https://ultimate.hydra-lister.com/ or from https://hydralister2.wpengine.com. It will say at the top left corner to login/register.

a) Hydra Lister’s Pricing
Hydra Lister’s pricing model has changed in order to benefit your business.
You can use Hydra Lister Ultimate starting at $9 compared to $79 that you were paying. You can now list up to 8,000 products monthly instead of only 4,000. Follow this link, https://hydralister2.wpengine.com/ebay/ to view our full pricing plans available.

b) Hydra Lister’s Repricer
We have added our own repricing tool. We decided that the ideal repricing time should be hourly. Again, this benefits you… With this timeframe you won’t lose any sales and you have a piece of mind that your items will get monitored by top notch scrapers.

c) Non-API Solution
Non-API solution is coming at the end of May 2019. We are aware that many people nowadays prefer file exchange instead of API connection. Currently we adding a few more specs with the Non API solution so we are close to ready.

d) Auto Ordering, Tracking Upload System and Competitor Research
Auto Ordering, Tracking Upload System and a Competitor Research tool will be integrated with Hydra until the end of June 2019. These tools are ready but we need everything to running smoothly before we add them.

e) Affiliates
We decided that an affiliate system should be a closed one as we prefer to have only few good affiliates with integrity rather have hundreds of people that just focus on quick profit that try to mislead our customers. The affiliate commissions can be from 10% up to 50% depending on your promotional method and your experience on affiliate marketing. If you are interested you can contact us from this link: https://hydralister2.wpengine.com/affiliates/

f) More Marketplaces
After eBay, we are adding automation tools for all major marketplaces including Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce, Etsy, Bonanza & Print on Demand. Each marketplace will have its own tools but also each marketplace will be connected to one dashboard where you will be able to easily manage your sales and inventory for any of these platforms. We plan in the future to add free training for each marketplace so you will be able to dive in quicker and expand your ecommerce business.

g) Adding Suppliers Daily
Hydra Lister for now will support less suppliers, but we are adding new suppliers every day. You can see the full list of supported suppliers here: https://hydralister2.wpengine.com/supported-suppliers/
Upon request we can add any supplier, including wholesale suppliers. To have suppliers added feel free to contact us through the contact form here: https://hydralister2.wpengine.com/contact-us/

I strive for you to have a great and pleasurable journey with us and remember…as we are a family! If you have any questions or concerns about your ecommerce business do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!

To your success,
George Manousakis
Anna Kaloteraki

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