Fully Automate your Dropshipping's Listing & Tracking Business

Hydra can automatically and manually list items for you with just 3 clicks

Partners with Sku Grid we provide you complete solutions for tracking-repricing for more than 300 suppliers worldwide

How Hydra's Manual Lister Work

How Hydra's Automatic Lister Work

Step 1

Add ASINS or URLS to Hydra's Batch Lister
Choose in what marketplace you will list your items

Step 2

Click List items and let Hydra do its magic.
All the items will be listed within 15 minutes

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Partners with Sku Grid


Link your lots to million of items from more than 60 suppliers. Sku Grid supports Amz (US, UK) and Ebay (US, UK). Prices are updated as often as every half an hour. One can choose to either update price, stock status or both. Each lot can have multiple suppliers - the best one will be chosen. Calculate selling price with math formulas. Every supplier can have their own selling price formula. Can set default stock quantity.

Tracking Suppliers

Get lowest possible price, including sale prices. Monitor prices from more than 160 suppliers. Ability to monitor price and inventory status of each individual variation. Get lowest domestic shipping charges for most products. Schedule price monitoring as often as every hour. Get e-mail notifications about price and stock changes. Ability to compare items against other products or your own lots. Profit calculation formulas.


Hydra Lister + SKU Grid = FREEDOM

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